The Penal Press - A History of Prison from Within

Out of Bounds – Nov/Dec 1986 - Nov/Dec 1986

  • Name:Out of Bounds – Nov/Dec 1986
  • Date:Nov/Dec 1986
  • Institution: William Head Institution
  • Topics: Claire Culhane, Entertainment, Mandatory Supervision-Warrant Expiry, Parole-Conditional Release,
  • Release Description:

    This issue includes discussion of using electronic “leashes” to monitor parolees, including the John Howard Society’s position.  Also, a reprint of an Out of Line article on parole, insights from a woman in a relationship with a prisoner, and an interview with Dr. Jacqueline Nelson (SFU psychology teacher at William Head).

    KEYWORDS: Claire Culhane, parole, electronic monitoring, relationship, remission of sentence

    CODED BY: Kevin Birch