The Penal Press - A History of Prison from Within

Mission Messenger – Dec/Jan 1993-1994 - Dec/Jan 1993-1994

Release description:

Here, several well-researched, well-cited articles critique a broad range of topics central to Canada’s justice system. Of particular interest are the articles written by prisoners and prisoner advocate Claire Culhane, which question long sentencing, economic justice, prisoners as consumers and punishment goals of Correction Service Canada. As well you will find statistics on prison population, costs of incarceration, sentencing, demographics of prisoners and a debate on the economics of justice.

KEYWORDS: Jeffrey Reiman, Nils Christie, Ian Waddell MP and Justice Critic, high risk violent offenders, recidivism, Law Reform Commission, dysfunctional social system, crime control, Bill C-36/Chapter 20, Court Challenge Program

Coded by: Kelly E Marshall