The Penal Press - A History of Prison from Within

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This issue has articles on proposed government reforms on sentencing, corrections and parole, statistics on parolees and recidivism  for both conditional release and mandatory supervision programs, tips... Read More

This issue includes articles on gang wars and the drug trade in BC, Buddhism and the Buddhist Sacred Meditation Garden, and using prison programs as a vehicle for change. KEYWORDS: Buddhism, cognitive... Read More

The Keep Chronicle

(September 1990) released from Westmorland Institution

An acknowledgment of prisoner Darrell Chetwynd and his recognition as a 1990 Golden Poet begins this issue of The Keep Chronicle, followed by an editorial discussing the recently passed “Family Day”,... Read More

Out of Bounds

(March 21 1981) released from William Head Institution

Topics include abuse of police power, William Head chapel, indeterminate sentences and retribution vs rehabilitation, Juvenile Detention Homes, and a lawyer writes about informants and undercover officers... Read More

A science fiction short story on space travel is the main focus of this issue. Also included are articles about salvation through religion, and a round up of the local ball hockey, soccer, and volleyball... Read More

Highwitness News

(November 1984) released from Millhaven Institution

This issue features a poem addressed to an ex prisoner’s wife that reflects on the day to day life of a prisoner; it highlights the food, medical care and living quarters. Another poem considers capital... Read More

Highwitness News

(August 1984) released from Millhaven Institution

A satirical article provides dialogue for various political figures on trial for their recent acts, while another prisoner’s submission compares democracy to slavery. A prisoner responds to public opinion... Read More

Highwitness News

(December 1983) released from Millhaven Institution

This issue is the first issue of the Highwitness News, as well as the Christmas edition. It contains information on daily life at Millhaven as well as topics for future articles. KEYWORDS: Christmas, Inmate... Read More

Highwitness News

(February 1984) released from Millhaven Institution

This issue features a letter from a prisoner in regards to the public outcry of violence within Millhaven. Articles from other sources are included in this issue; they range from pop culture to health. KEYWORDS:... Read More

C.B. Diamond

(March/April 1959) released from Collins Bay Institution

This issue of C.B. Diamond has a strong focus on rehabilitation of criminals and adequate sentencing; in particular, a guest editorial written about Judge James M. Carter discusses the purpose of... Read More

Traditional aboriginal healing is discussed throughout this issue; in particular elders involvement in ceremonies, and the focus on reconciliation opposed to retribution. Concerns of prisoners health... Read More


(November 1993) released from Kingston Prison For Women

This Tightwire issue contains many discussions about battered and abused women which focus on issues of power and control by men.  It also displayed many rehabilitative suggestions and programs within... Read More


(winter 1991) released from Kingston Prison For Women

This issue discusses themes of religion and spirituality through both Christian and Aboriginal perspectives. THemes of ethnicity, race and violence are discussed in a few articles which put the issues... Read More


(Fall/Winter 1992) released from Kingston Prison For Women

This addition of Tightwire comes during 500th anniversary of the day Columbus discovered America.  Because of this it is full of the struggles of Aboriginal people with discrimination within North American... Read More


(Fall 1990) released from Kingston Prison For Women

SUMMARY: This issue discusses the injustices, conflict, and unrest at P4W. It details the problems women face in the Canadian justice system, the changes to the penal system proposed by the Task Force... Read More