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This is a mini issue with a series of announcements pertaining to inmate group socials. There is a news release outlining the changes to the E.T.A. or Escorted Temporary Absence program which allows inmates... Read More

This issue has a large selection of letters, poetry and information dedicated to the Alcoholics Anonymous program. Several short stories and some Aboriginal art are also included along with Christmas greetings... Read More

This issue features a short story for entertainment as well as a large section which is dedicated to information on education courses offered for inmates. Also included are the details for an upcoming... Read More

An article looking at factual, scientific evidence of God makes up the bulk of this issue. Also included is a short story about finding a long lost love. KEYWORDS: Law of Creation, UBC Psychology research. Coded... Read More

Several short stories make up this issue, the first about faith, the second about a couple looking after a neighbors apartment, and one about having anxiety over the prison tv schedule. Also included is... Read More

This issue includes an article on the political state of Nicaragua and the influence of the President of the United States, Ronald Regan. A large article on religious beliefs aims to promote rehabilitation... Read More

An article on the power of words and other articles on crystal meth, the dying days in a prison medical facility of an old-time  bank robber, and a description of some of William Head’s programs... Read More

Articles in this issue include an examination and critique of  Protective Custody Units and Buddhism and meditation in prison. KEYWORDS: PCU, Protective Custody Unit, Dharma Project, Buddhism, spirituality CODED... Read More

A variety of topics in this issue include the death penalty, the treatment/view of substance abuse as that of disease rather than crime, Buddhism and the garden shrine at William Head, and resocialization within... Read More

This issue includes articles on complaint processes in prison, the loss of prisoner voting rights, Robert Hare and psychopathy, open letter to the CSC Commissioner requesting funding for computers, a John... Read More

This issue includes articles on the disappearance of rehabilitation from prisons, Prisoners’ Justice Day, a reprint from the Toronto Star on lack of prisoner reform, and an update from the Native... Read More

Opening this issue is an article titled “Prison – Cure or Cause” which discusses the impact of the prison system on prisoners. Other article topics include differences between medium... Read More

This issue features a short story for entertainment called ‘The Escape’. Information on education courses as well as rehabilitative activities available to inmates is included. Religious literature... Read More

This issue includes information on rehabilitative programs such as narcotics anonymous and alcoholics anonymous and one by the Seven Steps group which helps to rehabilitate inmates into the community post... Read More

Midnight Express

(August 1980) released from Edmonton Institution

SUMMARY: An editorial reply to Commissioner of Corrections D.R. Yeomans response to a previous editorial, which compared prisoners to slaves, discusses prisoner’s rights and penitentiary staff interpreting... Read More