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This issue addresses the benefits of the Youth Speak program, the organization of the Bridge View Jaycees, and achieving unity with First Nations. Also included are articles on the necessity of day parole,... Read More

This issue discusses the success of the Youth Speak program, opinion pieces on being self-aware and the lack of understanding between the older and younger generations, and an editorial about the “heroin... Read More

This short issue of BridgeViews includes an article about the “Youth Speak” program, in which prisoners talk to young people and their parents about the pitfalls of “following in [their]... Read More

This issue includes a humorous short story about hunting pedestrians and about the health hazards of unrefined sugar. Short articles about Terry Fox and apes are also included. KEYWORDS: Inmate Committee,... Read More

Mission Weekly

(April 11 1980) released from Mission Medium Security Institution

This short issue looks at news from the Inmate committee, the setup of the Mission Services Group, and having to take a psychology test. KEYWORDS: Mission Services Group, Inmate Committee Coded by: Joe... Read More

The Keep Chronicle

(September 1990) released from Westmorland Institution

An acknowledgment of prisoner Darrell Chetwynd and his recognition as a 1990 Golden Poet begins this issue of The Keep Chronicle, followed by an editorial discussing the recently passed “Family Day”,... Read More

Tarpaper – June 1971

(June 1971) released from Matsqui Institution

This issue of Tar Paper discusses how to write for a prison newspaper, the requirements for pre-release, and outlines projects of the United Native Club. Also included is an article on the United States... Read More

Tarpaper – February 1973

(February 1973) released from Matsqui Institution

This large issue includes a lengthy article on prison reform, a reprint of the Model Sentencing Act, and prisoner response to the administration’s report on discipline. This issue also addresses... Read More

Tarpaper – October 1972

(October 1972) released from Matsqui Institution

This issue of Tar Paper addresses the curtailing of temporary absences due to negative occurrences and an upcoming election. Also included are lengthy pieces regarding the proposal of a Temporary Absence... Read More

Tarpaper – 1972

(November 1972) released from Matsqui Institution

In this issue of Tarpaper, a discussion on the purpose of incarceration is presented with focus given to the living conditions of prisoners, and its possible effect on deterrence from future offending.... Read More

NOTE: Quality of original very poor. This issue describes the Inmate Committee, and includes an interview with the Superintendent of the Prison for Women, C.A.M. Edwards, regarding mandatory group therapy.... Read More

Out of Bounds

(May 8 1981) released from William Head Institution

Included in this issue are articles on the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) and pot reform, hypnosis, CSC’s prisoner pay scales, and prisoner education. KEYWORDS: education,... Read More

A science fiction short story on space travel is the main focus of this issue. Also included are articles about salvation through religion, and a round up of the local ball hockey, soccer, and volleyball... Read More

Included in this issue is a short story about a business man in a small town in the year 1912, a look at “dufferball”, and information on changes to family visit procedures. KEYWORDS: Dufferball,... Read More

Highwitness News

(December 1983) released from Millhaven Institution

This issue is the first issue of the Highwitness News, as well as the Christmas edition. It contains information on daily life at Millhaven as well as topics for future articles. KEYWORDS: Christmas, Inmate... Read More