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This issue of Off the Wall includes an introduction to the Person T(w)o Person Program, and explains programs available through Social Development. KEYWORDS:  Person T(w)o Person Program Coded by: Kate... Read More

This issue of Off the Wall contains an editorial regarding the new proposals to the parole system, and proposal of the Correctional Investigator. KEYWORDS:  ‘Parole In Canada’, discretionary... Read More

This issue contains an editorial supporting the idea of establishing a prisoner union, a piece on what prison is, and another on prisoner misfortunes. KEYWORDS:  Parole in Canada report, indefinite sentences Coded... Read More

This issue of the Communicator includes an in-depth interview with only female Unit Classification Officer working at Springhill, a First Nations tale, and a piece on the necessity of the prisoner committee. KEYWORDS:... Read More

This extensive issue contains a lengthy article about “brainwashing” prisoners from Jessica Mitford’s book Kind and Unusual Punishment, information about parole and how the Parole Board... Read More

This issue contains an editorial on the need for an easier transition between prison and society, an outline of the Family Visit Day, and pieces on the Accent on Youth program and prisoner sponsorship... Read More

This large issue contains a chapter from the working papers of The Law Reform Commission of Canada on restitution, a reprinted article from TIME about behaviour modification, and a report by the prisoners’... Read More

This large issue contains a chapter from The Law Reform Commission of Canada working papers about restitution and compensation to victims of crime, and an article by Edgar Z. Friedenberg about psychiatric... Read More

This large issue extensively covers the three-day conference of the Atlantic Provinces Corrections and Criminology Association, its group discussions, workshops, and speeches. Also included are articles... Read More

This large issue of the Communicator contains the “Fines” chapter from the working papers of The Law Reform Commission of Canada, an article on the relationship between law and justice, information... Read More

Being primarily a newsletter for the Alcoholics Anonymous program, this issue of Open Door addresses the need for alcoholics to own one’s addiction. Also included are many personal letters from alcoholics... Read More

Canteen and video lists make up most of this issue. Also included is a short story about drug use and dealing. KEYWORDS: Prisoner’s Committee, Video List, Canteen List, Drugs Coded by: Joe Lanaway  Read More

A look at prisoner pay and a questionnaire on capital punishment are the main focal points of this issue. KEYWORDS: Capital Punishment, Prisoner Pay Coded by: Joe Lanaway  Read More

This short issue includes an update on the Inmate Committee, a fundraiser involving photo albums, setting up a tennis club, and news about canteen prices. KEYWORDS: Inmate Grievance Procedure, Tennis,... Read More

This short issue brings news from the Inmate Committee, an update on the condition of the prison camera, the G.E.D. programs, and new typewriters being provided to the institution. Also provided is a critical... Read More