The Penal Press - A History of Prison from Within

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This issue includes a discussion of a John Howard Society program looking to establish interactions between prisoners and members of the community. Also included is information on upcoming available health... Read More

This issue contains a news release regarding the Canadian Penitentiary Service’s construction program to build new prisons. Also included are Jaycee reports, a letter from a prisoner to a judge,... Read More

The Echo – May/June 1976

(May/June 1976) released from Dorchester Penitentiary

This Jaycee newsletter includes information about the Jaycees, an editorial about self-worth, and Jaycee election results. KEYWORDS:  Jaycees Coded by: Kate Garrett  Read More

The Echo – October 1974

(October 1974) released from Dorchester Penitentiary

This issue contains articles on educating more prisoners in trades, the benefits of meditation, and a look at both the Marital Counselling Program and the UNISON group. KEYWORDS:  Jaycees, Pen Pals, Marital... Read More

The Echo – January 1972

(January 1971) released from Dorchester Penitentiary

This issue is more of a newsletter than a paper, primarily containing discussion of the Jaycee administration. KEYWORDS: Jaycees Coded by: Kate Garrett  Read More

This issue of the Communicator includes an editorial on how the paper came to be, an article on capital punishment, a piece about prison diarists, and a call for penal reforms by Jesuit prison chaplains.... Read More

This issue of Open Doors primarily includes an update of how the Alcoholics Anonymous is fairing and personal letters from members. KEYWORDS: Alcoholics Anonymous, Open Door Group Coded by: Kate Garrett  Read More

This issue is primarily a program of activities, prizes, and bonuses for prisoners. All content is duplicated in French. KEYWORDS:  Vacation Organization Committee, Inmate Welfare Fund Coded by: Kate... Read More

Ce numéro n’est pas indexé. Approximately three quarters of this issue of Exodus is in French. English pieces include an opinion piece on the necessity of developing thought, an article on the benefits... Read More

This Christmas/New Year edition addresses problems with the RCMP and the part Canadian press plays in guarding civil liberties. Also included is an article suggesting a comprehensive reform of laws covering... Read More

This issue of The Beacon includes pieces on the need for women to be brought into prisons to combat homosexual acts, the need for sex, drug, and alcohol education in schools and homes, and the need for... Read More

This issue of the Beacon includes many articles on how to set up acceptable day parole, touching on public perception of prisoners, punishment versus rehabilitation, and positive statistics from Drumheller... Read More

This shorter version of The Beacon includes an article demystifying psychology and explaining its therapeutic benefits to prisoners. Also included is an editorial on the function and purpose of The Beacon,... Read More

This issue contains a highlight of the new prison hospital, an open letter to the five district court judges of Alberta, and a critique of hiring outside workers instead of prisoners to do prison projects.... Read More

This issue of Off the Wall contains a response to the Stony Mountain Terminator article regarding understanding, an article about what crime is, and a piece about guards convicted for forcefully shaving... Read More