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The Insider – August 1990

(August 1990) released from Matsqui Institution

SUMMARY: This issue contains information on Prisoners’ Justice Day, an article on suicides in prison, the purpose of the prisoners’ code, updated postal rates, sports news, notes from a recent Inmate... Read More

The Insider – April 1991

(April 1991) released from Matsqui Institution

SUMMARY: This issue contains the minutes of the Inmate Committee meeting, the opportunity to participate in a research project, advice for treating insomnia, and a sports update. Also included are reprints... Read More

This issue includes a lengthy article on the culture in prison, and other articles on different aspects of life sentences, forgiveness and healing, the institutionalization process in prison, the death... Read More

Articles in this issue include the legality of “sniffer” tests on prison visitors, CSC programs and testing for prisoner substance abuse, urine tests in prison, a prisoner’s experience... Read More

This issue includes discussion of CSC policy in regards to personal computers and their necessity for rehabilitation, as well as articles on food costs in prison, a reprint of an article from the Journal... Read More

This issue includes information pertaining to the process of parole eligibility including some of the limitations that inmates experience.  A letter by Claire Culhane in support of Prisoner Justice Day... Read More

This issue includes information about a rehabilitative program that allows prisoners to take part in family visits. There is also information given on a support group for family members of prisoners.  Two... Read More

Tarpaper – October 1975

(October 1975) released from Matsqui Institution

This issue includes information on the conditions of the living unit with an overview of what prisoner’s daily routines are like. An interview with a staff counsellor by an editor discusses the relationship... Read More

This issue features a short story for entertainment as well as a large section which is dedicated to information on education courses offered for inmates. Also included are the details for an upcoming... Read More

An article looking at factual, scientific evidence of God makes up the bulk of this issue. Also included is a short story about finding a long lost love. KEYWORDS: Law of Creation, UBC Psychology research. Coded... Read More

Several short stories make up this issue, the first about faith, the second about a couple looking after a neighbors apartment, and one about having anxiety over the prison tv schedule. Also included is... Read More

This issue includes articles on “snitching” in prison, inmate access to computers, prison guard complaints regarding in-reach workers’ pay rates, the CSC’s Mission Statement (including... Read More

The editorial opens by commenting on the media misinformation.  Also included are articles on Prisoners’ Legal Services, current CSC programs vs required training, discussion of the criminality... Read More

This issue includes articles on complaint processes in prison, the loss of prisoner voting rights, Robert Hare and psychopathy, open letter to the CSC Commissioner requesting funding for computers, a John... Read More

Several discussions in this issue are around the ending of the SFU Prison Education Program due to CSC policy changes. Other articles include discussion of lawsuits by prisoners, prisoner pay, and censorship... Read More