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Out of Bounds

(Winter 2007) released from William Head Institution

Christmas issue includes an article from the UBC Faculty of Law introducing their Innocence Project, and articles on advice for transitioning from prison, fear and spirituality, and a Times-Colonist reprint... Read More

Out of Bounds

(Winter 2008) released from William Head Institution

One article examines obstacles to transitioning back into society including PTSD and addiction, and another article discusses the Restorative Justice Symposium 2008. KEYWORDS: halfway house, release, PTSD,... Read More

SUMMARY: The issue includes a recap of a recent Programs Conference, the benefits of getting an education in prison, a lengthy history of Christopher Columbus, environmental initiatives being taken in... Read More

This issue of The Keep Chronicle discusses the starting of the newsletter, as well as the official opening of Westmorland’s new recreation and administration facilities.  Information is featured on... Read More

Tarpaper – October 1972

(October 1972) released from Matsqui Institution

This issue of Tar Paper addresses the curtailing of temporary absences due to negative occurrences and an upcoming election. Also included are lengthy pieces regarding the proposal of a Temporary Absence... Read More

Out of Bounds

(February 27 1981) released from William Head Institution

A letter from Claire Culhane to the Prisoners’ Rights Group of Burnaby touches on topics including prisoner illiteracy, prisons as punishment vs rehabilitation, and fighting violence in Canada.  Also... Read More

This issue starts off with a short story about a prisoners’ release and the issue he faces while being on parole. There is also an article that looks at both conditions inside Canadian Prisons and... Read More

C.B. Diamond

(March/April 1959) released from Collins Bay Institution

This issue of C.B. Diamond has a strong focus on rehabilitation of criminals and adequate sentencing; in particular, a guest editorial written about Judge James M. Carter discusses the purpose of... Read More

      KEYWORDS:  convict wages, drug testing, behaviour alteration programs, Bill C-31, prison over-crowding conference  Read More

Outlook – Fall 1996

(Fall 1996) released from Warkworth Institution

Penal reform and views on incarceration are strongly represented in this issue.  There is an article discussing strategies for managing on a prisoner’s budget while another highlights statistics concerning... Read More

Tarpaper – July 1975

(July 1975) released from Matsqui Institution

This issue contains correspondence regarding minimum wage for prisoners, an editorial about where Canada is heading, a discussion of whether or not prisons are needed, and a piece about teaching poetry... Read More

Tarpaper – Jan/Feb 1975

(Jan/Feb 1975) released from Matsqui Institution

Capital punishment is featured in a number of articles in this issue.  There is a call for art submissions, from prisoners across Canada, to be exhibited at the United Nations Congress on the Prevention... Read More


(1974) released from Matsqui Institution

This brief issue features a lengthy sports column, guidelines for acceptable behaviour during visits, and one prisoner’s hope for conjugal visitation rights.  The discontinuation of the Transactional... Read More


(1973) released from Matsqui Institution

In this issue sociologist Robert Martinson writes about the failure of correctional treatments stating that they have no effect on the rates of recidivism, and Dr. Joyce Brothers provides a commentary... Read More


(1972) released from Matsqui Institution

The decriminalization of drugs is featured in this issue.  Dr. Thomas Szasz makes a convincing argument for free trade in drugs; the members of the Bridgeview Jaycees push for allowing heroin prescriptions;... Read More