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SUMMARY: The issue details the importance of one’s childhood development, information on hepatitis, the contrast between American prison systems and those in the Netherlands, how anger and grief are... Read More

This issue of the Beacon includes many articles on how to set up acceptable day parole, touching on public perception of prisoners, punishment versus rehabilitation, and positive statistics from Drumheller... Read More

This issue contains a highlight of the new prison hospital, an open letter to the five district court judges of Alberta, and a critique of hiring outside workers instead of prisoners to do prison projects.... Read More

This issue of Off the Wall contains an editorial regarding the new proposals to the parole system, and proposal of the Correctional Investigator. KEYWORDS:  ‘Parole In Canada’, discretionary... Read More

SUMMARY: This issue includes a guide to heart healthy eating, the kinds of changes and requirements needed in order to be granted parole, news from the library, reprinted information on the Stanley Cup,... Read More

The Outlook – Winter 1993/1994

(Winter 1993/1994) released from Warkworth Institution

SUMMARY: This newsletter includes one prisoner’s thoughts on finding employment, stats on the likelihood of being granted parole, advice on how to better budget your money, the potential causes of climate... Read More

The Communicator

(Spring 2000) released from Springhill Institution

SUMMARY: This issue contains budget issues, the benefits of lower prison populations, and available religious services. There are reprints on parole statistics and information, an upcoming ban on smoking... Read More

SUMMARY: This issue contains a list of online resources for job hunting, information on Alcoholics Anonymous, a prison ministry program, and a history of the nativity scene and Santa Claus. Also included... Read More

This issue contains an editorial on the need for an easier transition between prison and society, an outline of the Family Visit Day, and pieces on the Accent on Youth program and prisoner sponsorship... Read More

SUMMARY: The newsletter includes information regarding updates to the phone systems, initiatives being put forth by the Inmate Committee, facts about tuberculosis and HIV, the construction of a new center... Read More

SUMMARY: This issue includes thoughts on the implementation of a new government department, information on a legal aid fund, an organization that helps with transitioning to life outside of prison, one... Read More

SUMMARY: This issue includes information on proposed parole reforms, addiction in prison, multiple articles on the death penalty, the need for rehabilitative intervention to prevent people from committing... Read More

An interview with the local John Howard Society representative, an examination of the history and philosophy of the death penalty, calculations on prisoner pay and budgetting for release, and the challenges... Read More

This large issue of the Communicator contains the “Fines” chapter from the working papers of The Law Reform Commission of Canada, an article on the relationship between law and justice, information... Read More

The Insider – September 1990

(September 1990) released from Matsqui Institution

SUMMARY: This newsletter includes a list of ways to improve your situation while incarcerated, an update on a literacy project, information on the grievance procedure, changes to prisoner wages, a draft... Read More