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(Sept-Dec. 1982) released from Kingston Prison For Women

Keywords: Prison Rights Group, Leonard Peltier, addictions  Read More

Included in this issue are articles addressing the problem of staff playing “head games” with prisoners and highlighting a “coed” prison in the United States. Also included are... Read More

Outlook – Fall 1996

(Fall 1996) released from Warkworth Institution

Penal reform and views on incarceration are strongly represented in this issue.  There is an article discussing strategies for managing on a prisoner’s budget while another highlights statistics concerning... Read More


(1974) released from Matsqui Institution

This brief issue features a lengthy sports column, guidelines for acceptable behaviour during visits, and one prisoner’s hope for conjugal visitation rights.  The discontinuation of the Transactional... Read More


(1973) released from Matsqui Institution

The Temporary Absence Program receives praise for its success rate but also the controversy surrounding the program is looked at the end of this issue.  The practice of using prisoners for medical testing... Read More


(1973) released from Matsqui Institution

In this issue sociologist Robert Martinson writes about the failure of correctional treatments stating that they have no effect on the rates of recidivism, and Dr. Joyce Brothers provides a commentary... Read More

Terminator – November/December 1974

(November/December 1974) released from Stony Mountain Institution

This Christmas edition of Terminator highlights the internal issues at Stony Mountain. Also included is an article about how new officers are chosen and processed, and prisoner-professor correspondence... Read More

The Correctional Service of Canada is criticized heavily in this issue with much focus on the transition of William Head from a medium security to a minimum security prison.    There is information... Read More

Drugs are a major theme of this issue with two prisoners giving detailed and candid accounts of their drug use and addiction.  Other articles include information for prisoners about how to access their... Read More

The 2003 conversion of William Head from a medium to a minimum security prison receives some criticism in the editorial section of this issue.  The proposed termination of the Entry Level Trade Training... Read More

This issue contains an article detailing the tragic results of double-bunking and another highlighting a number of wrongful convictions in Canada, most notably, David Milgaard.   The effectiveness of... Read More

William Head’s conversion from a medium to a minimum security prison is covered in this issue.  The warden is interviewed and answers questions regarding the new security status among other things. ... Read More

Articles on the value of adult education (and its effect on recidivism), being the wife of a prisoner, taking accountability for one’s crime, restorative justice process and sentencing circles, and... Read More

In this issue the editor reveals talk of plans for a Pathways residence for Aboriginal prisoners, an intensive drug support unit (ISU) and a Temporary Detention Unit at William Head.  The editor also... Read More

A couple of articles on the experience of men in their early twenties who are new to federal time, and articles on nonviolent communication and the use of ion and itomizer scanners’ on visitors are... Read More