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SUMMARY: This issue contains an article detailing a lack of integrity among Case Management Teams, an interview with the deputy warden, and how prison shapes parenthood. Also included is a reprint on longer... Read More

SUMMARY: This issue contains a piece on the effects of overcrowding, an article arguing that past trauma does not excuse criminal acts, inflated crime statistics, the visitation process and the effects... Read More

SUMMARY: This newsletter includes encouragement for prisoners to further their education, thoughts on prisons as the true manufacturers of crime, how transfers keep prisoners away from their families,... Read More

SUMMARY: The issue details the importance of one’s childhood development, information on hepatitis, the contrast between American prison systems and those in the Netherlands, how anger and grief are... Read More

SUMMARY: This issue includes a response to Clifford Olsen’s bid for early release, a better means for treating addiction, the increase in prison suicides, continued debate over a prison smoking ban,... Read More

SUMMARY: This issue includes a letter from the warden about achieving change, information on Case Management Teams, the offer of computer training and other services, a detailed description of all departments... Read More

SUMMARY: This issue features new potential drug screening measures, thoughts on the privatization of prisons, a piece on criminal lawyers, the need for a needle exchange program, the failing of the prison... Read More

S.M. Innovator v1(3)

(Spring 1996) released from Stony Mountain Institution

SUMMARY: This issue includes thoughts on the death penalty, a visitation handbook written by Claire Culhane, the implications of the war on drugs, upset regarding a new piece of technology being used during... Read More

S. M. Innovator

(March 1997) released from Stony Mountain Institution

This issue not yet coded.  Read More

S. M. Innovator

(Fall -1996) released from Stony Mountain Institution

The public’s need to be properly informed about the facts concerning crime and justice in Canada is discussed throughout this issue of S. M. Innovator, with fingers being pointed directly at... Read More