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This short issue covers the sale of photo albums as a fundraiser, a look at upcoming Mother’s Day, and library book etiquette. KEYWORDS: Mother’s Day, G.E.D., Inmate Committee Coded by: Joe... Read More

This short issue includes an update on the Inmate Committee, a fundraiser involving photo albums, setting up a tennis club, and news about canteen prices. KEYWORDS: Inmate Grievance Procedure, Tennis,... Read More

This short issue brings news from the Inmate Committee, an update on the condition of the prison camera, the G.E.D. programs, and new typewriters being provided to the institution. Also provided is a critical... Read More

Mission Weekly

(April 11 1980) released from Mission Medium Security Institution

This short issue looks at news from the Inmate committee, the setup of the Mission Services Group, and having to take a psychology test. KEYWORDS: Mission Services Group, Inmate Committee Coded by: Joe... Read More