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Fallacy of Life

(March 8, 1988) released from

SUMMARY: This brief newsletter features a questionnaire regarding parole, followed by information and statistics about parole and the definition of a life sentence. KEYWORDS: Coded by Bethany Sanjenko Donated... Read More

Fallacy of Life

(August 1988) released from Collins Bay Institution

Prejudice and discrimination of prisoners on both religious and political grounds is the main focal point of this issue. It looks at how religious figures in society neglect and cast out prisoners from... Read More

Fallacy of Life

(October 1986) released from Collins Bay Institution

Issues affecting lifers (those serving 25 year minimum sentences) are the central point of this inaugural issue. It also includes an article explaining the injustices with regards to remission policy... Read More

Fallacy of Life

(February 10, 1987) released from Collins Bay Institution

The debate about capital punishment in Canada is the focus of this issue. The article in this issue compares the public’s perception of crime vs. what the statistics say about crime, particularly violent... Read More