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This issue features a short story for entertainment called ‘The Escape’. Information on education courses as well as rehabilitative activities available to inmates is included. Religious literature... Read More

Issue not yet coded.  Read More

This issue includes information on prison statistics in Canada. The minutes from a meeting between the Inmate Committee and the Administration is recorded. There are news articles on the correlation between recession... Read More

Included is an editorial on prisoners’ voting rights as well as articles on subjects including the application of unique laws to natives, explanation of old age security pensions in Canada, and an... Read More

Articles on prisoner pay and inmate conditions, the scheduled completion of an 80 man unit, an elderly prisoner’s experience and perception of the parole system, the new “Intensive Parole Supervision... Read More

This issue includes information about the Inmate Pay System, in-house vocational classes, local sports teams and scores, prisoner staff changes, and a notice about Christmas parcel fees. Claire Culhane... Read More

A look at prisoner pay and a questionnaire on capital punishment are the main focal points of this issue. KEYWORDS: Capital Punishment, Prisoner Pay Coded by: Joe Lanaway  Read More

This short issue includes an update on the Inmate Committee, a fundraiser involving photo albums, setting up a tennis club, and news about canteen prices. KEYWORDS: Inmate Grievance Procedure, Tennis,... Read More

This short issue brings news from the Inmate Committee, an update on the condition of the prison camera, the G.E.D. programs, and new typewriters being provided to the institution. Also provided is a critical... Read More

This issue has articles on proposed government reforms on sentencing, corrections and parole, statistics on parolees and recidivism  for both conditional release and mandatory supervision programs, tips... Read More

This issue includes a humorous short story about hunting pedestrians and about the health hazards of unrefined sugar. Short articles about Terry Fox and apes are also included. KEYWORDS: Inmate Committee,... Read More

Mission Weekly

(April 11 1980) released from Mission Medium Security Institution

This short issue looks at news from the Inmate committee, the setup of the Mission Services Group, and having to take a psychology test. KEYWORDS: Mission Services Group, Inmate Committee Coded by: Joe... Read More


(July/August 1978) released from Mission Medium Security Institution

Issue not yet coded.  Read More

Issue not yet coded.  Read More

Includes an article on prison uniforms from the prisoner perspective, an article on case management teams, a copy of a letter from Clair Culhane requesting the transfer of an ill prisoner, and one letter... Read More