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SUMMARY: This newsletter includes nutritional information from the kitchen, and update from The Pagan Group, advice on starting your own business, and a list of offenses and subsequent punishments from... Read More

Out Of Bounds v26(2)

(Summer 2009) released from William Head Institution

This issue contains many letters to the editor, an editorial on Prisoners’ Justice Day, a piece on being tired of jail and the ways to work on getting out and staying out, and a prisoner’s... Read More

The Drum

(January 2009) released from Drumheller Institution and Annex

This issue includes library options, nutritional information on regular prison meals, how to monetize a blog, and the importance of effective writing. Coded by Kate Garrett.  Read More

The Drum

(July 2009) released from Drumheller Institution and Annex

This short issue features a brief piece on the issue of ‘solving’ recidivism, early parole opportunity and job options after prison. Keywords: accelerated parole review, statutory release Coded... Read More

SUMMARY: This newsletter features a reprinted update on the smoking ban, information on high performance eating, how to achieve optimal liver function, and excerpts from a report on changing prisoner populations. KEYWORDS: Coded... Read More

SUMMARY: This issue includes nutritional facts form the kitchen, issuance of winter clothing, business advice on franchising, a brief piece on penal reform, information on flu season, and statistics from... Read More

SUMMARY: This newsletter features updates from the kitchen, the offering of peer support programs, a list items available to order through a catalogue, news from the library, and information from the finance... Read More

SUMMARY: The newsletter features updates from the kitchen, a reminder of the history and meaning behind Prisoners’ Justice Day, and a recap of a television segment on neuroscience. KEYWORDS: Bill S-4 Coded... Read More

SUMMARY: This issue includes a guide to heart healthy eating, the kinds of changes and requirements needed in order to be granted parole, news from the library, reprinted information on the Stanley Cup,... Read More

SUMMARY: This newsletter includes updates from the kitchen and the GED program, one prisoner’s call for others to write to members of parliament regarding prison conditions, suggested changes to the... Read More

The Drum Issue 21

(November 2009) released from Drumheller Institution and Annex

SUMMARY: This issue contains an opinion piece on the shortcomings of the grievance system, statistics on Hepatitis C, excerpts from a speech given by a National Parole Board chairman, flu season information,... Read More

This issue includes articles on gang wars and the drug trade in BC, Buddhism and the Buddhist Sacred Meditation Garden, and using prison programs as a vehicle for change. KEYWORDS: Buddhism, cognitive... Read More

This issue features articles on healthy eating, the role of genetics on behaviour and the “four noble truths”. The issue also provides some information on educational opportunities. KEYWORDS:... Read More