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The Grapevine

(December 1999) released from Grand Valley Institution for Women

SUMMARY: This issue covers Christmas traditions in a variety of countries, the history of Christmas lights and other holiday traditions. There is also a detailed write up on the significance of New Year’s... Read More

SUMMARY: This issue starts off with a list of upcoming days of celebration, segues into a considerable amount of creative writing, health advice and facts about poisoning, and tips on finding inner peace. KEYWORDS:... Read More

The Grapevine

(February 1999) released from Grand Valley Institution for Women

SUMMARY: The newsletter details the existence and achievements of the Inmate Committee, information on prisoner wages, a list of rules and chargeable offences for new prisoners, health advice, and a newly... Read More

SUMMARY: This issue includes a list of upcoming holidays, an anti-racism event, information of breast self-examinations, and a personal story on trauma resolution. KEYWORDS: International Day for the Elimination... Read More

SUMMARY: This issue contains a list of online resources for job hunting, information on Alcoholics Anonymous, a prison ministry program, and a history of the nativity scene and Santa Claus. Also included... Read More

SUMMARY: This edition includes the offering of a motorcycle safety course, attempts to get computers and more courses into the prison, waiving a parole hearing, and a skeptical opinion piece on racially... Read More

SUMMARY: This issue contains several reprints, including a reprinted account of struggles with addiction, entrepreneurship in the Black community, the role of the prosecutor, religious programs in prison,... Read More

The articles included discuss prisoner escapes, the loss of voting rights for prisoners serving sentences of two years or more, the current state of punishment versus rehabilitation, the William Head Work... Read More

This issue includes a lengthy article on the culture in prison, and other articles on different aspects of life sentences, forgiveness and healing, the institutionalization process in prison, the death... Read More

This issue opens with an article on Prisoners’ Justice Day and explains the reasons behind its inception.  There is also an in-depth article detailing the claim against CSC that the high prices of the... Read More

This issue is dedicated to the topic of restorative justice.  The First Nations’ approach to restorative justice is explained, as is the Medicine Wheel, “the basis for many native spiritual and practical... Read More