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(January 1998) released from Warkworth Institution

This issue of the “Maritimers Group Annual Newsletter” includes updates on meetings, family socials, committees and groups, and charitable projects. Coded by Kate Garrett  Read More

The Moxie v1(2)

(March 1998) released from Bath Institution

Issue not yet coded.  Read More

The Communicator

(February 1998) released from Springhill Institution

SUMMARY: This issue includes an opinion the death penalty and a criticism of polygraphs. Also featured are several reprinted articles, including those detailing the costs of a female prison, urinalysis,... Read More

The Moxie v1(3)

(April 1998) released from Bath Institution

SUMMARY: The issue includes a photo exhibit brought to the prison, the results on a recent Inmate Committee election, unappetizing prison food, rules and information surrounding access to personal computers,... Read More


(Novembre-Decembre 1998) released from Joliette Institution

Ce numéro n’est pas indexé  Read More

SUMMARY: This first edition from Okimaw Ohci Healing Lodge on Nikaneet First Nation land emphasizes the significance of relationships, especially with Elders, and connection to culture in the holistic... Read More

The Grapevine

(February 1998) released from Grand Valley Institution for Women

SUMMARY: This issue is dedicated to Black History Month and contains a history of the month itself, thoughts on what the month means to individual prisoners, facts about the Underground Railroad, and a... Read More

SUMMARY: This issue contains a significant amount of short fiction and other writings. There is also a reprinted article that criticizes Case Management Teams and the programs they put prisoners into and... Read More

SUMMARY: Featured in this issue are announcements of upcoming events, the cost of telephone calls, and information on safe tattooing practices. Also included is a reprinted account of an experience in... Read More

SUMMARY: The newsletter includes information regarding updates to the phone systems, initiatives being put forth by the Inmate Committee, facts about tuberculosis and HIV, the construction of a new center... Read More

The issue opens with discussion of the new community living prison design and its implications in regards self-policing. Other articles discuss court challenges in regards to failure to submit to urinalysis... Read More

This issue is a milestone of five years of continuous publication, and reprints some articles from previous issues.  Subjects of articles reprinted include the Prisoners’ Rights Group, war on drugs,... Read More

This issue includes a prisoner participant’s view of the Alternatives to Violence Program and also a non-prisoner participant’s viewpoint of the program, a prisoner gives a firsthand account... Read More

This issue contains a thought-provoking piece on one long–term prisoner’s process of readjustment to the outside world. The legal news section discusses the dangerous offender designation and... Read More