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The Communicator

(Fall 1997) released from Springhill Institution

This issue includes a piece about the new Warden, notes from the Inmate Committee and Warden’s meeting, and a report from the women’s unit. Also included are articles on tutoring, the right... Read More

The Communicator

(December 1997) released from Springhill Institution

Included in this issue is a critique of the prison’s food quality, articles on the right to vote, requests to the new Commissioner of Corrections, fraudulent abuse compensation claims, and statistics... Read More

SUMMARY: This issue contains an article detailing a lack of integrity among Case Management Teams, an interview with the deputy warden, and how prison shapes parenthood. Also included is a reprint on longer... Read More

The Outlook – Winter/Spring 1997

(Winter/Spring 1997) released from Warkworth Institution

SUMMARY: This issue contains information on a workshop for becoming nonviolent, a former prisoner’s account of job hunting, and technological advances in policing. Also included are reprinted facts on... Read More

SUMMARY: This is issue features a letter from the warden, thoughts on motherhood and how women are viewed in society, and facts about sunscreen. KEYWORDS: Coded by Bethany Sanjenko    Read More

SUMMARY: The issue details the importance of one’s childhood development, information on hepatitis, the contrast between American prison systems and those in the Netherlands, how anger and grief are... Read More

SUMMARY: This issue includes a response to Clifford Olsen’s bid for early release, a better means for treating addiction, the increase in prison suicides, continued debate over a prison smoking ban,... Read More

S. M. Innovator

(March 1997) released from Stony Mountain Institution

This issue not yet coded.  Read More

This issue includes articles on the screening process for prison visitors, court challenges in regards to prisoner rights issues in disciplinary court, the Patrick Kelly case, and a prisoner recalls his... Read More

The editorial in this issue discusses the Patrick Kelly case and other article topics include censorship, CSC’s new telephone system, the upcoming smoking ban in prisons, positive justice, and AIDS... Read More

Traditional aboriginal healing is discussed throughout this issue; in particular elders involvement in ceremonies, and the focus on reconciliation opposed to retribution. Concerns of prisoners health... Read More

This special issue of Out of Bounds consists solely of poetry.  Read More

This edition discusses the ban on smoking in federal institutions (including a report on research done at the Regional Health Centre in Abbotsford) and  sentencing reforms in the Criminal Code of Canada.... Read More