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Ferndale Newsletter v2.1

(January 1995) released from Ferndale Institution

SUMMARY: This newsletter includes a letter from the warden and reminders to clean up after oneself, leave the fire alarms alone, and not to damage the telephones. KEYWORDS: Coded by Bethany Sanjenko    Read More

This issue contains articles about renovations at the prison, issues with double-bunking in cells, and a large section addressing concerns about sexual arousal assessments and hormonal profiles. Also included... Read More

Out Of Bounds v.12(4)

(Winter 1995) released from William Head Institution

This issue contains an editorial on the “me first” attitude of prisoners, an article on the cost of prohibiting substances, and pieces on Toastmasters, chiropractic, AA, and William Head’s... Read More

SUMMARY: This edition includes statistics on Canadian prisoners with tuberculosis and employment at Collins Bay.  Additionally, Claire Culhane, victims of crime, the Attorney General, case management,... Read More

SUMMARY: This issue discusses the Canadian justice system budget, sports at Collins Bay, and the importance of prisoners being able to exercise. Additionally, the consequences for CSC should Quebec separate... Read More

SUMMARY: This issue contains a piece on the effects of overcrowding, an article arguing that past trauma does not excuse criminal acts, inflated crime statistics, the visitation process and the effects... Read More

SUMMARY: This newsletter includes encouragement for prisoners to further their education, thoughts on prisons as the true manufacturers of crime, how transfers keep prisoners away from their families,... Read More

SUMMARY: The issue includes the possible addition of play areas and equipment to be used by visiting children, the offer of an orientation booklet for new prisoners, and an update on soccer at Collins... Read More

SUMMARY: This issue includes a letter from the editor on negativity, the upcoming Inmate Committee agenda, the prisoner’s collectively give their thoughts and subsequent recommendations on a CSC drug... Read More

SUMMARY: This issue contains updated statistics on tuberculosis in Collins Bay, how media reports on violence, and an upcoming meeting on several issues within the prison. KEYWORDS: Inmate Committee, Kirkpatrick... Read More

SUMMARY: Included in this newsletter is an article on the problems associated with larger prison populations, information on legal aid, and a reprint about double-bunking. KEYWORDS: Correctional and Conditional... Read More

SUMMARY: This issue discusses Prisoners’ Justice Day, HIV/AIDS in prison, the Aboriginal Theatre Group, and advocates of the death penalty. Prisoners’ limited access to phone calls, the incorrect payment... Read More

Articles in this issue include the legality of “sniffer” tests on prison visitors, CSC programs and testing for prisoner substance abuse, urine tests in prison, a prisoner’s experience... Read More

An editorial and an article on Prisoners’ Justice Day, the (in)effectiveness of the war on drugs, the First Nations practice of “rediscovery” as a behavioural intervention are topics... Read More

This issue includes discussion of CSC policy in regards to personal computers and their necessity for rehabilitation, as well as articles on food costs in prison, a reprint of an article from the Journal... Read More