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Fallacy of Life

(March 8, 1988) released from

SUMMARY: This brief newsletter features a questionnaire regarding parole, followed by information and statistics about parole and the definition of a life sentence. KEYWORDS: Coded by Bethany Sanjenko Donated... Read More

Tightwire V22(4)

(Winter 1988) released from Kingston Prison For Women

SUMMARY: This issue discusses Christmas in prison, the suicide of a prisoner in the segregation unit of P4W, and the poor living conditions at P4W. Articles address the health implications of smoking and... Read More


(January 1988) released from Collins Bay Institution

In addition to a list of the aims and objectives of the Collins’ Bay chapter of the John Howard Society and a list of programs offered by same, this issue includes a report from the Inmate Committee,... Read More

The Justice Group

(Summer & Fall 1988) released from Stony Mountain Institution

This issue is solely dedicated to the work of The Stoney Mountain Justice Group, and includes information on the history and current objectives of the group, information on new advisors, a piece on “secret”... Read More

Off The Wall

(May 1988) released from Saskatchewan Penitentiary

This issue contains articles on the possible implementation of a Unit Management system, parole decisions, and one former prisoner’s discussion on how the penal system fails to rehabilitate prisoners.... Read More

Mind Manoeuvres

(Fall 1988) released from Collins Bay Institution

SUMMARY: Contemplative and purposeful poetry and prose in this issue reflect on imprisonment, environmentalism, industrialism, capitalism, materialism, greed, poverty, religion, species supremacy, big... Read More

Le CLairon

(1988) released from Port-Cartier Institution

Ce numéro n’est pas indexé.  Read More

SUMMARY: This newsletter includes a letter from the editor on remaining hopeful, reasons to pray, the meaning of Easter, and upcoming events. KEYWORDS: Coded by Bethany Sanjenko    Read More

SUMMARY: This issue includes a letter from a chapel volunteer on the preconceived notions people have about prison, a thank you letter to those who send letters to prisoners, and the request for prisoners... Read More

This issue has an article reviewing the past year in Millhaven Institute; it addresses the food, recreation, and relationships with the guards. Another article addresses depleted donations, funds, and... Read More

This issue addresses the “conformity” trend in the prisoners’ clothing. There are statistics and opinions shared about Crime Stoppers in North America. One submission writes on the judicial system... Read More

Tocsin – Fall 1988

(Fall 1988) released from Collins Bay Institution

SUMMARY: This issue discusses the subculture of prison poetry, a realistic view of parole, and the legality around providing counsel for hearings in Disciplinary Court. KEYWORDS: Brentwood Recovery Program,... Read More

Tocsin – July 1988

(July 1988) released from Collins Bay Institution

SUMMARY: This newsletter features letters from the retiring editor and his replacement, one prisoner’s reflections on his participation in Prisoners’ Justice Day, a letter dedicated to the head of... Read More

Tocsin – February 1988

(February 1988) released from Collins Bay Institution

SUMMARY: This issue includes the recounting of a meeting with the warden, an ongoing project to transcribe article into braille, a program to help prisoners prepare for their release, a reprinted letter... Read More

Fallacy of Life

(August 1988) released from Collins Bay Institution

Prejudice and discrimination of prisoners on both religious and political grounds is the main focal point of this issue. It looks at how religious figures in society neglect and cast out prisoners from... Read More