The Penal Press - A History of Prison from Within

The Boomerang – October 1979 - October 1979

Release description:

This issue begins with several letters to the Editor and then reproduces articles about the Exceptional People’s Olympiad at Collins Bay Penitentiary (from The Whig Standard), an art exhibit of a former prisoner’s work (from Montreal Star), and the conditions at Saskatchewan Penitentiary (from Prince Albert Daily Herald).  Other articles consider religious rights in prison, the exportation of the Canadian prison model to other parts of the world, the denial of a business license to an ex-convict,  capital punishment and an announcement of the publication of Barred from prison by Claire Culhane.

KEYWORDS:  Claire Culhane, Exceptional People’s Olympiad, Roger Caron, self-help

Coded by: Melissa Munn